Architectural and Decorative Mouldings

Architectural and Decorative Mouldings

At Xtreme we are constantly on the lookout for new and innovative technologies which can help our customers further improve their home. One of the most popular products which we have pioneered recently are architectural and decorative mouldings. We are specialists in the supply and installation of external mouldings and light weight fence walls. All of our materials are the highest quality and our installation experience is second to none.

These mouldings are available in a number of different designs, colours and styles, all of which add character to your home. The external mouldings are manufactured using special fortified polymer render cement, encasing polystyrene. The polymer render is mixed in the strands of alkaline resistant fibreglass which binds and hardness the cement. A minimum of 5 mm of cement is used to encase the polystyrene and in most case the cement is closer to 10mm in thickness resulting in a rock hard finish that is extremely durable.

To uncover what type of moulding would best suit your home, call us on 0451 XTREME and organise a visit with one of our Xtreme Design Consultants. You can also read more about mouldings below.

Our stock list

    • Architectural moulding
    • Window sills
    • Keystone, corbels, and gable trims
    • Corner panel, quoins, columns and bases
    • Modular fence and render panel
    • Pool and garden features
    • Window hoods and wall blades
    • Natural stone cladding

1. Xtreme-Modular fence system free standing

Never before has it been so quick, easy and cost effective to have a cement rendered brick fence without using a concreter, bricklayer or renderer.
The system entails a series of light weight piers and panels that simply interlock together enabling a complete fence to be erected with in hours. The system is supplied totally rendered requiring only paint finish. Panel and piers arrangement can be suited to accommodate wrought iron in fills and tubular steel. Simply create a hole in the ground and concrete each pier at the required distance.
A “c” channel is that screwed to either side of the pier to allow the panels to side into. A top capping is then glued to the top of the panel, whilst a number or decorative capping is available for the top of the piers. The pier can be supplied at various heights and can incorporate letter boxes inside. Use the fence system to create freestanding feature walls that would normally be constructed using expensive methods such as brick laying and cement rendering not forgetting concrete footings. Create a stunning front fence that ensures total security, as well as adding details your property. Apply the product to your pool area as the system is easily adaptable to existing concrete floors without major drilling and digging. A truly remarkable system, enhancing the look of any home with an emphasis on affordability.

2. Xtreme-Fence render panels to cover an existing colourbondfence

Pre-rendered panels 40mm thick at various heights and lengths can be directly fixed over an existing fence. A series of light weight batten are screwed to the existing fence and the pre-rendered panels are glued and screws to the battens. Panel joints are covered using a selection of mouldings and a top capping is glued over the top to stop and water penetration. The panels resemble a solid brick render fence which does not encroach or affect neighbouring properties. Screws and any other component of the system are non visible by the neighbour making it a quick and easy concept that truly changes the entire look of a back yard, pool or courtyard. The system is supplied as a finished product requiring only paint to be applied once installed. Also a great do it your self system.

3. Xtreme-Window hood and blades

Modern square line projections can be used as sun shades over a window or door Incorporate them as a design feature along the facades of a building to add depth and design by simply affixing them to the wall quickly and easily. Various sizes are available as well as custom designs. Manufactured from a lights weight composite material, they offer superior strength and are supplied in a smooth or rendered finish ready to paint. The light weight hoods are supplied with a dip groove to stop water from travelling back to the wall. A simply yet effective bracket system allows the hoods to be installed on just about any wall surface with ease and confidence that the product will not move or break away during extreme weather conditions.

4. Xtreme-Natural stone cladding

Stone cladding allows a natural element to be incorporated in various design situations both internally and externally. As part of our range we also include a slim line form of stone cladding which is ideal for bathroom features walls and kitchen splash backs. Decorate square brick piers outside an entry way, or perhaps add a feature wall inside the home that will never date or require re-painting. Fireplace surrounds are an obvious candidate for natural stone cladding to compliment both contemporary and modern themes. Natural stone cladding, otherwise know as stacked stone is made up in set panel sizes with a smooth back for easy installation on various surfaces with the application of quick drying glues.

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